2 thoughts on “Latest Oil Painting Video”

  1. Larry, like the video. you moved the palet around well. But, the first 15 minutes you painted off the screen. Either widen the shot or move the camera. At about50 minutes your arm hides what you are doing to paint the larger trees on the right and I really wanted to see how you achieved the trunk.

    1. Hi Carl: Thanks for watching. Yes I noticed that I painted off the screen for part of the sky when I edited it, but that can’t be fixed in editing. I made a note to check the TV-safe boundaries when I record from now on so that doesn’t happen again. Glad you are watching and hope you can tune in on my live streaming video class on January 20th at 1PM. This class will be free but future ones will cost $10 for a 3 hour class similar to what I had at Britton Falls.

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